The sign in front of RA-the nightclub LUXOR-Las Vegas Dec.7th 2002

Rocrite, Ricky,Oscure,Mellisa,and Andres


Melissa and Erica


on stage..



Commander of Bass drops the funk...


Ricky and Cinammon...


I think she's feeling it..



Erica and Oscure...


Oscure on the wheels..

Oscure digin in the bag of tricks...Rane MPXP2016 awaiting...







Hot Statue and Nirpal Tiwana(engineer).


Recorded with Nirpal's favorite Studio Projects B1's on stage and over the Turbosound speakers.


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Live Recordings by Nerfball - Oscure at RA the nightclub LUXOR Las Vegas




July 11th

FUNKTION by Twised Bisquit

RA the nightclub - Luxor Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Simply Jeff (phonomental)
Oscure (
Jfunk (
Noey (Twisted Bisquit)