The Los Angeles Breakbeat Association Dj's and Producers

OSCURE Oscure (Founded of LABA in 1996, turntabilist, producer,remixer, Los Angeles breakbeat pioneer)

CHAD ROCK Chad Rock (dj) member since 1996

PATRICIO Patricio (a.k.a. D-Mode) member since 1996

POD POD (a.k.a. Arpad) member since 1997

JFUNK JFunk ( a.k.a. James Jordan Jr.DJ, promoter,,turntabilist) member since 1999

ODEED Odeed (turntabilist,producer,remixer) member since 1998

LABA Nirpal Tiwana (Professional Studio and Live Engineer) member since 1998

ROC RITE Roc Rite (dj,remixer) member since 2000

MICHELE BASS Michele Bass dj,record store owner) member since 2004

OOAH Ooah (turntablist a.k.a. Mob boss) member since 2004

SUSPENDER Suspender(producer)- member since 2004


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