Suspender(producer)- member since 2004

JP Sancho, known as SUSPENDER, came from Rosario, Argentina to bring his talents as
a Producer/Musician into the light. Starting early at the age of 4 on the piano,
progressing towards an exciting discovery of the Commodore 64 connected to a
keyboard by 8, followed by years of drums and various instruments, music has been
imbedded within.

While in Argentina, Suspender made a name on drums with prestigious bands such as
Keyser Soze (voted in 1998 as Rosario's Band of the year), and in other endeavors,
began a journey in what was considered on edge with Jazz, Funk, NU Metal, and Drum n

Coming to America in 1999 with then Alternative band Superjudas, the scene would
prove to be both of opportunity and lessons learned. Shortly after arriving,
Suspender landed drummer status in the Indian-Psychedellic Rock act, The Orphics.
He was also introduced, and played with other great artists such as Blues guitarist,
Jay Gordon and Funk singer, Preston, performing in renowned places such as The
Knitting Factory, The Roxy, House of Blues, Whisky A Go Go, the Key Club to name a

The following year may be marked as a key turning point, as after finding the
Electronic scene without much "live" productions, a project formally began to what
has developed into the performances seen today. Combining out of this world bass
lines, body moving beats and melodies, Suspender enlightens with an insane spectacle
of sequencers, samplers, mixers, keyboards and effects brought on every stage
completely LIVE.

During the exploration of machines, published work under his belt springs from a
house REMIX version of the song Yajiotaiso with Flamenco guitarist Marcelo
Berestovoy, winning praise in Japan and scores in Christopher Saint's production of
the upcoming movie ShadowBox.

Suspender has created a following in Southern California, and has been the topic of
various highlights around the globe, earning great reviews as the upcoming name for
the new breakbeats era.

A vinyl under his label, Black Buddha Productions is in the works aiming for a
November 2004 release.