Roc.Rite (dj,remixer) member since 2000



Musically connecting with a room full of break beat junkies comes second nature to the eloquent vinyl mastery of RocRite. Coming into the scene in ’99 RocRite has been pumping his straight up west coast gangsta funk into the veins of dancers and club kids all across the US.
A small handful of cities he has impacted include Miami, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Amidst all of these high energy club scenes, Las Vegas produced the most vivid experience for him so far. Lost in the sea of the city of sin RocRite embraced his listeners and in return felt indescribable devotion from the crowd. Experiences such as these keep RocRite inspired and fresh to generate the booming circles of sound he has turned into his life’s work.
A natural behind the decks, 24 year old California native RocRite never hesitates to throw down shattering breakbeats. Inspired by talents such as DJ Dan, Simply Jeff, DJ Trance and mentor Oscure, he credits his crew (The Los Angeles Breakbeat Association) to giving him the encouragement and peace of mind along the way.

Growing up in Oceanside, RocRite had the fortunate luck of experiencing the authentic California Rave Scene, attending the original massives. One can only imagine the humbling satisfaction he felt when RocRite added gigs such as Nocturnal Wonderland ’01, Audiotistic ’01, and Electric Daisy Carnival ’00 to his list of parties played. A genuine connoisseur of electronic music, RocRite’s career also stems into producing. Collaborating with Chad Muska, he is currently working on laying trip-hop tracks with the vocal sty lings of Katie A and Jessi.

Overall RocRite capitalizes on his precision and perfection in the industry. He translates two records into a uniquely vivid sound, resonating a truly intoxicating version of breakbeats throughout the air.


RocRite Dancin' Droids (Remix)