Patricio (a.k.a. D-Mode) member since 1996

___The energy level always rises when Patricio steps behind the tables. Whether on the beach in La Caseta, Argentina or the El Circo Dome at Burning Man, Patricio is guaranteed to whip a crowd into frenzy.

___ A consummate performer he has been a member of The Los Angeles Break beat Association since 1996, and has become one of the most prominent break beat DJ’s in the Los Angeles underground music scene.

___Drawing on the passion and soul instilled in him growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Patricio will make you get off your ass with his wobbly bass and massive deep earth rattling beats.

___Patricio came to Los Angeles in the late 80’s, and immediately discovered electronic music. He spent a year of letting loose to the music that was being played at local parties. Patricio then decided to express his own pasión for music by transmitting it to the crowd. It was his desire to make people let loose and dance uncontrollably while expressing what he himself was feeling musically that caused Patricio to officially become a beat junkie.

___Once Patricio had amassed enough vinyl he began to make the underground club circuit, starting in 1992 at NoDoze. He played with the likes of DJ Dan while making his way through the California electronic music scene. It is at this point that Patricio met LABA founder Oscure, they forged a great friendship though music and have been playing and collaborating on music ever since.

___During the late nineties Patricio went on a self-imposed hiatus to focus on his Graphic Arts career. (He has designed main title sequences for numerous motion pictures and has worked on a slew of television shows as well as music videos for 50 cent, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and many others.) Ultimately, Patricio realized that he could not be away from what he loved most, his music.

___Patricio made a strong comeback at the New Year’s Eve 2000 party Fresh Start, in Los Angeles. From that point on, he resumed playing throughout the country alongside many internationally acclaimed circuit DJ’s.

___A major turning point occurred in 2002 when Patricio made his first pilgrimage to Black Rock City, Nevada for Burning Man. It was during this magical journey that he first encountered the music of two of his biggest influences, Freq Nasty and Lorin. Truly inspired by this experience, Patricio decided to take his music in a direction that reflected his new found connection with his music and his soul.

___Patricio has DJ’d in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Oregon, Canada, and he even had the honor of playing with Mr. C, Justin Garrett and Layo and Bushwacka in his home country of Argentina.

___Patricio is currently preparing to make his own music in the LABA studio, while touring constantly and preparing for another trip to Black Rock City with the Space Island crew.