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(LABA founder, DJ, producer, remixer and L.A. Breakbeat pioneer)

Since the time hip-hop music and break-dancing first hit L.A. streets two decades ago, Oscar Gamboa II A.K.A. Oski-D, or the infamous Oscure has been one of the integral pioneers of the LA Underground scene. Sharing a devotion to music and a passion for its perpetuity, Oscure and several of his friends established the party crew B.A. Boiz in 1988. B.A Boiz threw small warehouse events and created the highly revered second room at the former after-hours "What?" in 1990. Becoming a resident at the longest running L.A. party-F.A.M.I.L.Y solidified his position as one of L.A.’s premier underground DJs. Spinning hip-hop and funk at this weekly event gained him recognition among his contemporaries for the distinct flavor of music and creating an incredible atmosphere. It was at this juncture in his professional career that Oscure spun at his first full-fledged rave, Dippity-Do in 1992. Then served as a resident for L.A.'s infamous No-Doz, D.A.R.E., and Caffiend. L.A.’s next after-hours from 1991 through about 1997.

Over the course of his professional life, Oscure has an impressive resume playing for the most popular underground productions including: What, Insomniac, F.A.M.I.L.Y, Channel 36, Audiotisic, Bloom, Fresh Produce, Monday Night Social, Animania, Club Rubber, Come Together (Denver) and Burning Man. He’s headlined at Giant, Viper Room’s atmosphere, Luxor’s RA, Venetian’s C2K and opened for L.A.’s flagship producers ‘The Crystal Method’. Of course not leaving out the companies: Blackflys, 26C,Moontribe, GVC, H20, Conscious Groove Productions and the list goes on. He’s been sponsored and supported by the fashion industry. Ransom, Purrr, Dank, Filter, 26Red, Sugar, Paul Frank, and Diesel Manufacturing have all requested Oscure to lay down the beats for their runways. His appearance on Canada’s MTV Select(still being aired) is a highlight in his travels. Continually he is gaining respect and praise for his varied musical influences and incomparable creative stylings. As an aficionado of Breakbeat music, Oscure challenges the pulse of the electronic music scene striving to fabricate a unique style and rhythm. Successful at his mission, Oscure is known throughout the underground community for his general ability to manipulate rare and funky beats. Indeed, his prodigious talent for mixing, scratching, and sampling achieves yet another level of creative expression. Now producing original beats he’s worked with ILL Knob (Wu Tang Clan) and DMC (Run-DMC) creating new songs and remixes. Recently he also has worked with numerous up and coming artist including Palo Alto (Rick Ruben), Medusa, Feline Science, Hayze, Bayou Bros. and other local artist. Always with a few tricks up his sleeve, Oscure inevitably draws a crowd with his energetic music, one-of-a-kind vinyl, and entertaining performances. Not only is he is one of the most popular DJs in the LA but also frequently out-of town and playing international gigs. Traveling to Alberta (Calgary), Vancouver and Victoria B.C. (Canada), San Juan and Ponce (Puerto Rico), Mexico City (MX), Las Vegas, Denver, Colorado Springs, Washington D.C., El Paso, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Kansas City, Cleveland, Miami, Portland, Santa Fe, Seattle, Olympia, Phoenix, Albuquerque other major U.S. cities.

Oscure established The Los Angeles Breakbeat Association In 1996, a collection of L.A. DJs who support and promote the Breakbeat sound. Pushing the Breakbeat scene further in Los Angeles the L.A.B.A. is now in full gear. Having one of Run DMC's Live Engineer’s (Track Wizard) as a mentor and good friend has allowed Oscure to learned a tremendous amount about audio engineering. His first record entitled "Oscure presents FunkyGhettoPhonics" released on his own independent label L.A.B.A. Recordings has received great reviews and lots of rotation. Oscure is currently working on his full-length album, which will be available in November 2004. Tracks included are the collaborations with Ill Knob (Wu-Tang Clan), Stacey Brandt, Big Boy Black, Scrappy, Track Wizard, and other soon to be seen artists. Lastly in the works is the "West coast Breakbeat All-Star Compilation" Featuring tracks by Basspluger, Odeed, DJ Wish, Mad Huban, DJ Shugga, Funky Ghetto Phonics (Oscure), Neosoul, Simply Jeff, Digital Rust, and more.

If and indication of Oscure’s past is showing us his future we have a lot more to see of this bright, talented, individual who’s music is just being recognized.

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