J FUNK ( a.k.a. James Jordan Jr.DJ, Event Coordinator,Public Relations)- member since 1999

The worldwide expansion of electronic music has spawned tens of thousands of DJ's across the globe. Few DJ's in this day and age have emerged as truly gifted artist, and ironically most commercial super DJ's have been overrated for some time. 7 years ago electronic music was not furnished on CD, nor could you go out to a nightclub and dance to it. Now there are record stores strictly catering to electronic music DJ's, and cities like NY, LA, and Las Vegas have all night megaclubs with international talents. It brings two questions to mind: What's good and who's good? I've had the pleasure to find out for myself and witness this incredible music revolution with one of the most gifted DJ's of our time J Funk.
James Jordan Jr. born July 2, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA developed a keen ear for music at an early age. Effortlessly he picked up and played the piano and drums, as if they were extensions of his soul. In 1991 Rap and Hip Hop had begun to make its impact on the world and J Funk quickly mastered the genre by djing, dancing, and freestyling at local parties, adding life to the music. Shortly thereafter a new music was surfacing through underground parties called techno and he was attracted to it. People had begun to fall in love with the music, the dance, the culture and that's when he realized he was destined to become a DJ.

He acquired his first set of turntables at the age of 15. Record after record played, year after year, until he harmonized and synchronized each and every sound with uncompromising perfection. Inspired by the early works of Fatboy Slim, Sir Drew, Plump DJ'S, Free Stylers, Krafty Kuts, Chicken Lips, Freddy Fesh, and Armand Van Heldon he gravitated to two particular styles of electronica, funky break beats and chunky electro house. His influences, at the time, were and still are some of the most respected DJ's such as, DJ Dan, DJ Oscure, Jesse Brooks, Jazze, Jim Hopkins, Donald Glaude, and DJ Vodoo. It wouldn't be until years later that he would have the opportunity to spin amongst these industry giants. His dedication to the music, the dance, and the culture continued to propel his career and life long dream as a DJ, landing him slots at some of LA's hottest nightclubs: Sunset Room, Viper Room, Las Palmas, House of Blues, Garden of Eden, and The Century Club. He's held lengthy resident spots with LA nightclubs The Liquid Butterfly, Pangea, Bloom, and Electric. In the last seven years he's spun over 400 parties and raves through out the nation with production companies F.A.M.I.L.Y., WHAT?, Color, Aliens underground, Distant Beat, Enlightenment, H2O, New Moon, the Golden Rule, 2600collective, AWOL, Smoking Roach, and Conscience Groove. Showing no signs of intimidation he's spun for crowds over 4500 with some of the worlds finest talents such as; Electric sky Church, Uberzone, Bassbin Twins, Dj Icey, Donald Glaude, The Hardkiss Brothers, Scott Henry, Frankie Bones, Simply Jeff, Freddy Be, Meat Beat Manifesto, Twenty Twelve, Sky Lab 2000, John Kelley, Steve Loria, Mark Lewis, Eddie Amador, R.A.W., and DJ Dan. In 2000 he was booked for the Winter Music Conference in Miami, and was recognized for one of the best "break beat" sets playing to a crowd over 1500. That same year J Funk created the Funk Sol Brothers. A live performance combining a bass guitarist, a professional beat boxer, and J Funk while he scratches, cuts, juggles and remixes records producing a sensational live act. The Los Angeles Breakbeat Association, known as L.A.B.A., a dynamic and select group of professional DJ's and producers, chose him for his exceptional talent and contributions to breakbeats and the dance culture in 1998. To top it off, he found time in his extensive schedule to mix 5 cd's: Phunk Phenomenon, Ocean Sounds for a Funky Diva, Los Angeles Funkfest, The Rising Funk, and 2000 Ways to Funk. Each one is flawlessly mixed and contains an eclectic blend of some of the finest break beats every produced.

J Funk now resides in Las Vegas and currently can be seen at Glo, Class, and Tonedef his current resident DJ spots. His ambitions for the future are to DJ on an international level and produce break beats for well known labels. In addition, he's coordinating a L.A.B.A. tour set to launch summer 2003 traveling the group to most major metropolitan cities, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. He attributes the heart and soul of every performance to his mother, Carol Jordan who passed on April 2, 1995 - R.I.P. His personal quote is "MUSIC, ENERGY, AND LOVE ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS." I know this to be true of him because of the success I've witnessed of him. Few people make the choice to pursue their dreams, and even fewer preserve to manifest them, but if there's one person who knows, and has what it takes, it's J Funk.

- Gene Anthony / Actor , Screen Writer , Club Innovater.