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     Chad Rock’s been throwing down since the ripe old age of 18. Influenced and guided by many masters, he knows that without the B-Boy’s that came before him, he wouldn’t be shit. Without the true wisdom and inspiration of such icons and landmark entertainers as Afrika Bambaata, The Freestylers, DJ Dan, Simply Jeff, Donald Glaude, Propellerheads, Oscure, Plump DJ’s, Stanton Warriors, Q Bert, Chris Martin, Fester, Jessie Brooks, Brownie, Mo, and RAW, he would just be another sucker caught up in the game. With so many influences involved in molding his mind set, music is the medium he uses to speak to the world and keep its people rockin’. With the help of his brothers and sista, the LABA, he plans to open up the world’s mind and feed societies need for what’s next.

Chad Rock has played in many venues in his DJ career. With sets played in and around his hometown of Los Angeles and Hollywood, he has also done shows in San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino, California. Other US gigs include stops in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Portland, Oregon, and Miami, Florida. He also played in Cancun, Mexico at La Boom, Daddy Rock and Boom Bay, took part in the 2000 LABA Tour in San Juan and Ponce, Puerto Rico and played at the 2001 Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. He recently returned home from a one year adventure, in which he spent his time studying, traveling and rockin the decks in Europe. He was always waiting for the right opportunity to bust on to the world scene and demonstrate his talents and crowd-pleasing programming.

From August 2003 – August 2004, he played weekly in and around Southwest Germany. Two of his latest CD’s (ErBiNoLiJ and Funk Rock 04) were broadcasted for a global audience by one of the most renowned Internet Radio stations in Europe, Nova Radio in Germany ( His seventh CD, Funk Rock 2004, which is available for download in the music section, won “Mix of the Week” receiving the most vote emails from listeners around the world at the Nova Radio Station Headquarters in Dachau, Germany near Munich. On July 3rd, 2004, he headlined the “Sound of Sunshine Festival” Part One in Saarbrucken, Germany, situated on the borders of Germany, France and Luxemburg. It was his first chance to play with such an extensive international lineup, with artists representing 5 countries from around the world. Other DJ’s and talent that night included Patrick Dempsey from San Francisco, Tayor from Dublin, Miss Velvet from Bulgaria, Denis und Ich (Soulful Music) & Saque Moustache (Mark 05 and Toni Tress) both from Germany, T.E.X.X (UnserDing Radio), Tom, Stefan Sonntag, Robs and Anthony Halligan from Berlin.

His most prestigious gig came next, when he DJed a 3 and a half hour set at Vinyl Bar, which is located above Vinyl Addiction Record Store (, HOME OF FINGER LICKIN RECORDS and Plump DJ’s. Other European gigs included another stop in London, England, St. Patrick’s Day Morning in Dublin, Ireland with Simon F., and in Stuttgart, Tuebingen, Schwenningen and Munich, Germany. He has played on the same bill as Brownie, Oscure, Fester, DJ Dan, Jessie Brooks, Donald Glaude, Jason Blakemore, O’Deed, Bionic, Simon F., Fusion and many other great DJ’s. He was one of the residents at the LABA’s first club in Hollywood, CA called Bloom, attained residency at Affair along with Oscure and O’Deed, and earlier this year, held residency at “Fresh” in Tuebingen and “What’s Next” in Schwenningen, Germany.

Since arriving back in LA, Chad Rock has not stopped dropping the funk. His first night back, he played at Cinespace in Hollywood with AMYX from Orlando, Florida, rocked the Leo Night of Debauchery in August with fellow LABA members: Oscure and DJ Tree, celebrated a birthday and killed the decks at The Virgo Party with Patricio and Michelle Bass and played at Clear’s LoungeOut in Studio City, California. A week later in September 2004, he got his biggest residency ever. He now holds residency at the BassMint along with Chris Martin, which is held in LA’s most prestigious and well known location, Hollywood and Highland, home of the Kodak Theater. He hopes to one day be able to play in every major city in the world and have the chance to reach out to millions through music and unity.

His style is self categorized “Funk Rock.” A next generation hybrid of booty shakin’ funk house blended with warehouse rockin’ breakbeats. Being one of the first privileged individuals, to rock the LABA label and represent what is true today, he knows that dedication breeds respect, respect breeds knowledge and knowledge creates the doorway that leads to places yet unknown. With bags packed with skills and a mind filled with devotion, he is definitely one to watch in the days to come.

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ChadRock Erbinolij mixed set March 2003
FunkRock Mix 2004

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