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History of L.A.B.A.

Founded by one of L.A.'s original pioneering breakbeat dj's Oscure.L.A.B.A began during the Summer of 1996. He had a vision to put together an association to promote and keep the breakbeats alive in L.A. During the end of the 90's it seemed people were not appreciating breakbeats like they did when techno first hit the scene. Most of the early techno hits were based around breakbeats. In order to give this genre of music more acknowlegement and respect L.A.B.A. was born.keeping the breaks alive has not always been a piece of cake for the L.A. breakbeat association. The beginning was never easy but the outcome has already began to pay it's self tremedously. People have seen this crew rip up turntables, stages, clubs and dancefloors across the Country and Internationally. The Artist Roster consist of several talented and well know dj's and producers based in Los Angeles. L.A.B.A.'s crew is extremely talented in not just mixing records but, cutting, scratching, and in producing original music. Producers of L.A.B.A. include Brownie, Oscure, Odeed, Commander of Bass, RocRite, Fester, Chadrock and Jfunk.. L.A.B.A. has started it's own label L.A.B.A. Recordings with the release of Oscure's "FunkyGhettoPhonics E.P." which has been getting tremedous play by dj's Nationwide. All of my Disco Break a track on the record got 5 out of 5 in the 2001 July issue of BPM Magazine reviewed by Breakbeat Allstar Simply Jeff. The Second release included tracks by Odeed, Commander of Bass and Oscure. The latest release by L.A.B.A.’s dj/producers can be found on a new label out of Escondido,CA. DMT3 Traxx. It features “SoMuchFunkRock” produced by Oscure and co-produced by Commander of Bass, on the flip side you will find a track by RocRite. Odeed has also sold some remixes found on white labels.

The main focus behind L.A.B.A. is to be successful in representing the Breakbeat genre for it’s crew and Hometown. By becoming a great Los Angeles based label producing and mixing breakbeat tunes everywhere they go. You will experience their extremely talented skills as well as their record/cdr selection that will make you body move and your neck Break!

*The Breakbeat General suggest you get at least 80 min of Breakbeats everyday. It could improve your dance life. L.A.B.A Your Best Source of Funkrock!


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